Launch all star fighters! Rescue Jupiter's moon Leda from ancient oceanic cyborgs!

Avoid asteroids and eat foods in this side-scrolling arcade eat-em-up!

  • Play as 1 of 8 characters: Space Robot, Saber-Tooth Squirrel, Fat Cat, Alpaca, Doggo, T-Rex, Cave-Girl, Space Gorilla
  • Eat proper foods to heal!
  • Dodge asteroids!
  • Take on prehistoric ocean inspired bosses!
  • 6 expansive Levels!
  • 4 Colors from the CGA color palette!
  • Low resolution wide screen gameplay!
  • HTML5 - Built with PixiJS and ToneJS
  • Works with keyboard. Use up and down arrow keys or W and S keys.
  • Play on your phone or game console browser! Works on mobile browsers with touch controls on the right side of the screen.

Project History: Originally developed for CGA Jam but never submitted. Instead we decided  to further develop to a full game adding a node system for cinematics and boss AI, simple joint based animation for bosses and the commander ship. Three bosses and six levels were developed with increasing difficulty. Leda is one of Jupiter's moons. Res refers to rescue, thus the game name. Started before and finished after our other html pixel art game Stealth Doggo.

Adheres to our fictional mid 80s 8bit hardware spec "Paca System 8" supporting 2 background scroll planes, 2 foreground planes (max 32 sprites), 4 colors, maximum resolution of 192x128, and 4 way polyphonic FM synthesis.


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Use up and down arrow keys or W and S keys or use two squares on the right of the screen to move up and down (with mouse or touch on phones).

yeh, I tried all of that but nothing happen